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Fortitude Community Project

Set up by formers, people who really know what it’s like being involved in Far Right extremism, our

aim is to raise awareness and help educate people about the real dangers of extremism

and assist in ways to combat it.

Seeking to assist professionals, agencies, schools and communities to gain a better understanding,

we go further tackling many of the implications to society and look to offer inclusive alternatives

to people attracted to the message of the Far Right extremism.

Supporting local communities to celebrate diversity, we look to promote a better understanding

of all the cultures within the UK, including the indigenous culture which if Ignored will only go to build

the Far Rights case. Tackling this we provide a counter narrative and reduce the appeal of extremism

to those who maybe susceptible to the message of the Far Right with its new Populist approach.

Operating as hub, the Small Steps network includes a number of organisations offering expert advice and support.

Open to discussion, Small Steps is always willing to talk. To get our help or maybe just a chat simply get in touch.

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who are we?

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It's Time to look for answers

Small Steps seeks to create better community cohesion. We understand better than most the affects extremism have on Individuals and communities.

​The way forward is not demonstartions against the Far Right, but understanding why people become involved with extremism. Once we know this we can look to deconstruct what the Far Right offers, showing the reality of extremist life.

Having difficult conversations, finding answers and building better community cohesion is the only way to eradicate extremism, all extremism. 

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What do people think about our work?

Having heard what we have said we do, how about a few comments from those who have used our services.

To give you an idea about what people think about our services, please see below a number of testimonials and also a few one liners we’d like to                                                   share with people thinking about using our services.


Manchester is a diverse and tolerant city and this is something that we are proud of. We recognise that this did not happen overnight and that we cannot become complacent. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that we work together on challenging agendas such as Prevent, countering extremism, strengthening community resilience and building stronger and safer communities. Communities need to be at the heart of what we do

The work in Manchester with front line practitioners and Small Steps has been powerful in equipping staff with knowledge, confidence and understanding about the risks and threats posed from extreme right wing groups and far right extremism in the UK and North West, especially post Brexit. The session delivered by Small Steps has been instrumental in framing and prioritising both at policy and delivery level the issues and methods used to recruit people to far right extremism. The knowledge of Small Steps, the practical and localised examples used and the interactivity all enabled and empowered practitioners to ask the questions they normally might not feel comfortable to ask and also hold difficult conversations about local issues and concerns

We received 100% positive feedback from participants

Samiya Butt
Prevent and Cohesion Coordinator
Manchester City Council


Austerity has had an impact on many key services across the country. This has without a doubt left a vacuum of expertise available and service providers now are required to step into area’s where they do not have expertise; knowledge or understanding. This gap crossed with the rise in European Right Wing extremism; nationalism and UK right Wing Extremism has meant there is a real need for an organisation which can offer specialist training; accurate trusted advice and guidance and direct interventions when required around Right Wing Extremism; Nationalism and White Supremacy.

The threat of neo Nazism across Europe is real; violent and growing  and through the world wide web the ability to influence is unrivalled in the way of propaganda and communicating extremist narratives.

Small Steps Consultants are that needed expertise and are unrivalled in the ability to engage directly with extremists; understand their ideology through the latest research ; offer insight to agencies and support workers about the current position and threat of extremists; offer a structured program of interventions and support to achieve long term change to leave the right wing scene in a supportive non-judgemental way – which is key when dealing with individuals who can have views which wider society may find offensive and a barrier to trust and empathic relationships.

Nigel Rowe
Community Cohesion and Engagement Lead
Community Safety Services
Walsall Council


Far right groups are becoming increasingly prevalent, with vulnerable people actively targeted to join the ranks of extremist groups. This is why companies like Small Steps Consultants are so important. Actively working with young people and schools, raising awareness in the professional arena and supporting communities they help reduce the danger of an increasing support for far right extremist movements and build a natural resilience to extremism.

Against Violent Extremism
PO Box 7814 │ London │ W1C 1YZ │United Kingdom


Having commissioned Small Steps Consultants to provide half day sessions in Hounslow, my colleagues and I soon became aware of how little is known of the challenges posed by far right extremism. Indeed the training sessions have gone a long way in raising awareness amongst delegates including from the Metropolitan Police, Home Office, front line local authority staff and Prevent teams.

The constantly evolving nature of violent extremism requires projects like this to highlight the fact that we are faced with multi-faceted challenges and not just Islamist extremism.

Najeeb Ahmed
Prevent Coordinator
Hounslow Council


And what about a few one liners from our evaluation forms just to give a feeling of what frontline staff think about our support and training..

“Nigel’s story is shocking”

“This training would be valuable to all our collage staff”

“This training should be provided to all professionals, fantastic training and very relevant to my role”

“Excellent Training”

“Great learning about the different groups and how the speaker became involved with Combat 18,  Brilliant training.”

“Looking around no one fidgeted or looked at their watch, it had everyone hooked. amazing”

“Nigel – Brilliant!”

“Good having training with people involved and not someone who has learnt it from a book , Small Steps = Big Changes”

Set up in 2015, Small Steps operaties as a network of likeminded organisations/campaigns, each working in a different way to combat Far Right extremism.

Our network includes:

Small Steps Education Limited - A Non-Profit company, this part of the network seeks to provide cost effective training, advice, and support to those who really need it. Operating at grassroots level, SSEL, provide a dedicated team of specialist trainers and volunteers all working to combat Far Right extremism.

Small Steps Consultants Ltd - Specialising in more in depth advice and bespoke training, Small Steps Consultants work to advise councils, agencies and professionals on the best way forward in tackling Far Right extremism and can provide mentors who specialise in 121 engagement or small group discussion.

Exit UK – A network of former Far Right activists, Exit UK seeks to guide people out of the Far Right and help them back into society. 

1 England - Promoting Patriotism Not Racism. 1 England is a campaign which seeks to show its OK to be patriotic, highlighting St George is a symbol of Internationalism, not little England as so many think.  Tackling the Far Right online, face to face and in their heartlands 1 England shows people extremism is never the answer.                   


1 England operates as an inclusive patriotic community campaign standing against hatred & division and just like Britain did in 1939 believes real patriots stand up against Nazism. .              If you agree , join us! simply visit

Small Steps Safe Hands Project - Aimed at supporting those in the Far Right, our safe hands programme provides community mentoring for those who need a non judgemental ear. Listening to peoples concerns we look to find answers and support people.


Working in partnership with others we also support the following community projects

Home Office approved, we are dedicated to fighting racism, saving lives and helping communities come together.

From schools and young people, to professionals, police officers and local communities we help people understand the issues and how to tackle racism. No other organisation has our knowledge or expertise of how real hard core racist organisations operate and work.

Seeking now to be part of the solution and not the problem, we give talks, seminars, training, encouragement, and support to anyone seeking to combat racism at any level.

Unlike others, we also talk to members and ex-members of various right wing organisations, explaining why we left and seeking to bring others out to, supporting them and their families to better, more productive lives and thus reducing racism in the UK.