Offering specialist training and support is what makes us unique.

Building on the experiences and expertise of former activists, we can deliver in depth training and support no-one else can.

With Former activists from the Populist Right, political parties like the British National Party and street movements like the English Defence League right through to ultra-violent groups like Combat 18, we have a wealth of experience that can look to provide those in need with real answers to what the Far Right is capable of in Britain.


Offering 1, 2 or 3 hour sessions depending on your needs we can provide training session's to suit you. Wherever you are in the UK we can come to you and provide training at local level.

Providing training on who the Far Right is, to how it recruits, targets and builds we have that inside knowledge. From signs and symbols, it uses to creating hit lists and homelands we can give you the information you critically need to stop the Far Right in it's tracks and combat its message head on.

All attendees receive a certificate of attendance, a pdf of the presentation and copies of the numbers, signs, and symbols to look out for, so that after we have gone people can carry on with information to hand of what to do next.


Understanding that people need regular support, we offer a unique National Support Service which seeks to be there when you need us. For a small annual fee we offer clients the opportunity to have real support and guidance at the end of an email or phone.

From simple clarification, through to more in depth research, you can obtain this reassurance and support, as well as receiving a regular monthly update on what the Far Right is doing.


Not everyone knows how to set up a local community group, looking to help Small Steps can provide interested parties with a 2 hour awareness training session on the Far Right, followed by a second session on the basics of setting up a community group and go through activities that will help you reduce the effects of the Far Right in your local community.

For more details on any of the services Small Steps offer please get in touch.

You can email us on - info@smallsteps.ltd or give us a call on - 07539 220 683. If no-one is available , we're sorry we maybe training, so please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 



Working in partnership Small Steps, Exit UK and a growing number of different businesses and community groups all understand nothing can be achieved without working together with others and as such we work in partnership under the banner of the Small Steps Hub. 

Bringing together people with different skills this allows us to provide a one stop national hub for those in need of advice, training and support in countering Far Right extremism.  

Need our help? want to get involved? Please contact us via email, phone or our contact page.


Far Right extremism is growing in the UK.

From the rise of the Populist Right through to the violence of the extreme Far Right lone wolf, the Far Right is developing, but what can be done?

Understanding what the Far Right Is and how it operates is the first step, but there is much more.

To help here is a list of services we can provide to support you to reduce racism and Far Right extremism.

By working together we will overcome hatred and division. So how can we help?

Time to talk.......................................

From initial talks about who the Far Right is , to working with Formers from other fields,  to challenging hard held beliefs we work to create debates where we talk about very difficult subjects. We do this because it is our fim belief that if we don't,  the Far Right will, so it has to be done.

Understanding why people are angry and why they turn to the Far Right, through to the complexities of who the Far Right are and what the different sections do , we look to resolve many of the issues we have today.

Once we know specific local issues we Create The Debate and hold ' Safe Space ' sessions where anyone can speak their mind as long as they are respectful. From this and without judgement we look to get people to reflect, on what they have said, how they feel and where they have got their beliefs from.

From this we then go further and look to challenge Far Right beliefs, showing people what life is like in the Far Right, the effects it has on Individuals, their families, the communities we live in and look for positive alternatives.

Without doubt this work is difficult and challenging, but without our understanding and engagement many would be lost and in some cases become dangerous to themselves and others.

Now offering this unique engagement opportunity, can we help?​​​ If so just get in touch, were an email away - info@smallsteps.ltd