To educate people about the dangers of Far Right extremism and organise a positive alternative at both local and national level. 

As a Former Far Right Activist myself I know only too well the journey people take, whats asked of them and where it leads.

The reason I Initially formed Small Steps is I don't want anyone to have to go through the hell that Involvement with Far Right extremism brought me.

Now joined by others I'm very fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most  amazing, passionate and driven people in the UK.

Looking ahead there is a lot to be done, but there is a place for everyone and I urge people to get involved. 

Nigel Bromage


Small Steps exist to make change and are committed to delivering first class training and support offering a unique range of services. 

Working in partnership,

Small Steps are proud affiliates of



Nigel Bromage - Former National Front, British Movement and Combat 18 Organiser.

Initially developed as a idea by Small Steps, to combat Far Right Extremism. The Small Steps Hub has grown to include Individuals, community groups and a small number of businesses.

Operating nationwide we work in schools, local communities, with multi faith groups, through to third sector organisations, professionals and various local authorities raising awareness of the dangers of the Far Right and how it can affect people, from poor job prospects and getting in trouble with the Police through to heartache of family breakdown.

​Offereing 1,2 or 3 hour training sessions we seek to provide vital training people need to both understand and tackle Far Right extremism, going beyond what extremism is, we talk about the inside workings of the Far Right and how it can be defeated.

​Wherever there is a need we will look to support those asking for help.

Anyone can access our services by simply contacting us, where just an email or phone call away.


Working with other formers, people who like us, have been there and done it. We understand better than anyone the horrors of extremism on the individual and the communities they work in.

​Now looking to stop others take the same journey we work alongside others in their communities looking to stop extremism and instead look to find common values.

One such organisation is the

Organisation for Community Development Ltd.

Formed by Shahid Butt,  a close associate.

    Shahid can be emailed at - ​

                                             Active on many fronts here are just a few examples of how we provide a positive vision for Britain.

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Extremism is NEVER the answer



Operating in difficult times Small Steps has a dedicated team of staff and consultants who go that extra mile. More than a job, this is our way of life.  

Our founder

OUR MESSAGE............... IS SIMPLE