For years people have felt ignored and undervalued, without a voice, and hopeless.

Engaged by the Far Right, ordinary people have listened to their message and over time it has gained support, turning neighbour against neighbour, parent against parent and community against community.

Now there is an alternative answer. People from across the UK are coming together and listening to what we have to say, learning about the dangers of Far Right extremism and saying enough is enough. 

​Do you feel the same?​ If so please get in touch. Small Steps are keen to work in as many places as possible and travel nationwide. If your worried about  Far Right extremism, don't , we can help, just get in touch today and we will do all we can to help.


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Extremism is never the answer........Dialogue is

Working to stop hatred and division we want to bring people together to build a better Britain for Everyone


We need your help now.

From delivering leaflets and promoting us on social media ,  to attending events, your support is in high demand.

We have numorous projects all in need of support. If you believe in what we do, GET INVOLVED AND HELP US CREATE REAL CHANGE

To keep updated with all the latest videos combatting the Far Right message please visit  the Open Your Eyes To Hate, facebook page, just click on the link opposite, like the page and you will get all the latest counter Far Right extremist videos, produced by the OYE To HATE team direct.

Updated regularly,  why not invite your friends and help them find out more about the dangers of Far Right extremism.

Our Mission

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create change

Locally, nationally and internationally, we are  vocal advocates against Far Right Extremism and work tirelessly to reduce its Impact.

Working across the UK our mission is simply     to help children, families and communities combat extremism and build an Inclusive , safe Britain for all.



Urgent Projects

Small Steps was formed in 2015 to raise awareness about the dangers of the Far Right and show people that extremism is never the answer, dialouge is.

In 2016, we set out to build a unique network of likeminded Individuals and community groups devoted to passionately combatting Far Right extremism. Now growing this network operates under the guidance of Small Steps Consultants. who support many differing community projects.

If you need training, mentoring, support or just want to talk, please get in touch and together we will build a future where hatred and division have no place in the UK.  

Extremism isn't funny which is why we work all year round to drive it out from of our communites.

Why not get involved and devote an afternoon, an evening or what about an hour a week and help us stop extremism in its tracks.

Interested?  Just message the contact page.

WHAT you can DO ....................................


for unity